Our annual skiing outing at Snow Creek will be on Saturday, January 13 with an overnight campout and return on Sunday, the 14th.  Matt Koehler is the adult leader for this campout.  If possible, please turn in your permission slips and money to Mr. Koehler by Monday, December 14th.   We need to get the permissions slips in early because we only have 1 meeting in January, before the ski trip.  Below is an outline of the activities for the outing:

NOTICE:  All skiers are required to wear a helmet.


Arrive at school at 11:00 am
Load trailer
Eat lunch and clean up 
Head to Snow Creek       
Set up camp
Get ready for skiing 
Meet at lodge for vouchers for lift, equipment and helmets tickets
Skiing is from 4 pm until 12 am
There will be adult leaders that are not skiing in the lodge while the scouts are skiing.  Dinner will be deli meat sandwiches, chips, and cookies. The scouts can eat when they get hungry by finding the adult leaders in the lodge and making a sandwich. 
There is a concession stand with a variety of food if you want to send money with your scout
Remember to pack extra clothes so the scouts have dry clothes to change into before going to sleep.
Extra socks are always a good thing to pack on this camp out


Wake up 
Cook Breakfast
Tear down camp
Head back to St. Therese

Boy Scout Troop 261-Parkville, MO