Boy Scout Troop 261-Parkville, MO

Troop 261 Parents,

It’s time to vote on High Adventure 2020!

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s two years away.” Truth is 2020 lotteries open late October. This gives you a month or so to look everything over and consider options.

There’s one attachment - a map of high adventure locations with price sheets for Northern Tier Canada and Philmont New Mexico.

The Sea Base Florida, Swamp Base Louisiana, Summit Bechtel West Virginia, and Rocky Mountain Colorado brochures were too big to email, so website links below.

Here's the bottom line - From now until 30 September, interested parents and scouts can review this email and reply to with the following:

1. High Adventure Site most interested in.

2. Program and Program length most interested in.

3. Names of Adults and Boys wishing to attend.

4. Preferred time frame - end of June or end of July/August

I'll use everyone’s preferences to form a recommendation to the committee during the October meeting, and then I'll email interested families for commitments before participating in the lotteries.

Thanks for your consideration.

Below are adventure summaries and website links.

YIS Sam Sinclair 931-220-4796

A base estimate for the price per participant, for any of these opportunities, is $1500. This includes all the travel to and from. Some more expensive selections, i.e. the larger sail boats in Florida or the Northern Tier camp in Manitoba, could raise the price to $2000 dollars or more. Once we get enough adult leadership and boys to commit to forming crews, we can look at fund raisers and bolster our current fund raisers, popcorn, chili supper, coupon books, etc. Crews are usually 6-8 participants. Two of the participants must be adult leaders. One adult leader must be over the age of 21. I can form multiple crews if more participants are interested in going, however, especially in the case of Philmont, crews cannot always pair together for the same adventure/location or the same time slot. Trip participants must be 14 years old or 13 years old and completed the 8th Grade by the time of arrival. For Sea Base, the participants just have to be 13 or older the day prior to arrival. Proposed dates are for late June or late July so that we don't interfere with Bartle.

1. Northern Tier When you think Northern Tier, think three different camps from North to South – Manitoba and Ontario (both requiring passports), and Minnesota. Northern Tier counselors recommend the Minnesota camp for inexperienced troops as its less paperwork and passport considerations to go awry. There are 7 and 12 day treks. A 7 day trek means only 5 days of paddling and exploring but it keeps the overall trip down to 11 to 12 days. The 12 day trek is 10 days of paddling and exploring but will have the group gone from 16-17 days. Boys will have to carry the canoes but they are lighter than a traditional aluminum canoe. When looking at the prices remember they are per crew per day, so when a 6x person crew paddles for 5 days the total is (760 X 5) = $3800, 3800 / 6particpants = $633 just for the canoes and most of the provisions alone.

2. Philmont Similar to Northern Tier, in pricing (the prices listed are per crew per day, not for the whole experience) and length of trek's (7 and 12 day treks available). Altitudes are incredible as many of the basecamps start at no less than 5000 feet MSL. My office mate took his son and some other boys twice. The hiking, camping, and leadership opportunities are endless. Boys have to make decisions concerning how they'll navigate from one supply cache to another, and the terrain and sites they'll see at Philmontare difficult to replicate anywhere else in the country. Like Northern Tier, an 11 to 12x day experience only equates to about 5-6x days on the trail, but is most affordable.

3. Sea Base Florida Of the six high adventures to choose from this is my favorite because the lottery doesn’t close until mid-February, and multiple crews can be paired together at least for the same time-slots if not for the same adventure/location. On the brochure, most everything is 7 days and 6 nights making the overall trip approx. 9 to 12 days. Take a look at the "Coral Reef Sailing Adventure," the "Keys Adventure," and the "Out Island Adventure," as these are the most affordable, diverse, and don't require scuba lessons. The more participants, the more we can offset the costs, as the crew fee doesn't change based on the size of the crew.

4. Swamp Base Do you like Swamps? Well Lafayette, Louisiana has got em! This High Adventure along with Summit Bechtel, WV and Rocky Mountain, CO is relatively new. You spend 6 days and 6 nights to complete one of two 60 plus mile treks in a canoe. It doesn’t require as much labor as Northern Tier but is obviously hotter and there’s more wildlife. Scouts will learn ecology, ride an airboat, fish, and have daily adventures and cultural experiences at the trek’s outstations.

5. Summit Bechtel erview/ We travel to the Appalachian Mountains where there are three different High adventure programs to choose from: The Summit Experience program provides an introduction to all components of the SBR Adventure Zone, Think H Roe Bartle lunch and Dinner outposts but even more advanced – Zip lines, white water rafting, climbing, repelling, Mountain Biking, and all-terrain skate boarding; Focused Programs allow Scouts to focus primarily in one particular area of the SBR’s adventures and concentrate on developing their skills in that focus area while still having some time for elective choices, and; Trek Programs take advantage of one of the greatest natural resources in the eastern United States: The New River Gorge. Camp in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains either along the river or off the trail overlooking the gorge, basically SBR will build us a Trek experience similar to Philmont but at a lower elevation.

6. Rocky Mountain This High Adventure base is south of Denver and west of Colorado Springs. The crews arrive on a Sunday for a week long adventure that includes whitewater rafting, mountain trekking, mountain biking, climbing and rappelling, and many other side adventures! end notes.

          Swamp Base High Adventure